this is the post where i say "hi! how are you doing"

"my name is max"

"this afternoon, i held a lighter in front of my open eyes -> i invented that it was for the purpose of correcting my astigmatism."

"i recently finished participating in the november 13th EAT DIS challenge."

"i tried my best to make a cool JAMES FERRARRO BREAKCORE track. you can listen to it here."

"this blog equals nothing. you will never read this blog. only max can read this blog unless they change their mind."

hey, writing in html like this makes me feel like a cool little hacker! i'm going to use this blog for long form twitter posts and personal updates. or just reflections. as well as thoughts about music, like, maybe i'll post thoughts on my year end list here or something. that would be neat! rate your music is a bogus website.

-> nah, it's not really so bogus. i'm a boge for saying that. A bogus boge!

"this blog is NOT for self pity or Hidden Deep Dark Feelings. it's just for me. i'm not interested in it being found."

"so, if you're not max, then TAKE A HIKE!"

". . . or don't, if they have shared this blog with you. SORRY! (max speaking) max says sorry."

hahahaha. it's like i'm writing lines of code. encoding my brain. bleep bloop.

. . . yeah i'm never showing this to anyone. LOL. LAWL.

ok intro post OVAH!