can you believe it? i'm being made to eat beans on toast right now.

well, "made" isn't the right word -> rather, beans on toast are being made for me, and at the moment i am too passive to request something else, even though i really do not care much for beans on toast

beans on toast

a british staple food. get outta town!

this is a bit of an inconsequential post, but i want to post about whatever i want, whenever i want, and increase my comfort with using html.

so, yes, if i want to complain about beans on toast, then i will blog about it. for now, anyways!

i will leave you with an image from my collection.

a picture of trees against an eerie orange sky.

this should contrast nicely with the blog color scheme!

fresh. max OWTT

beans on toast UPDATE

just finished the beans on toast lads. bout a 12 minute transaction. nearly choked on small piece of toast. evil food. had a can of sparkling water and walked aimlessly around my parents' Garden Path (half of which is fenced off, as to so the dog cannot run to the edge of the backyard and bark and scratch at passerby. what a silly doggie! after i came back inside from my stroll i had a dove chocolate which i let melt in my mouth. mm mm mm. one day there will be no more chocolate -> that's gonna suck.