howdy, max here

. . . so, this "no one can read my blog!" thing

apparently, i have had 67 "PAGE VIEWS" since last night.

what all is that about, eh?

all i can say is that, "this page is going to be UNINTERESTING do you hear me. i'm just going to tyype at length about boobah and nonsense. boobah!"

observations from this morning:

it's a picture of kuja.

what a dreamboat! i am afraid to take him out of the box. i'm concerned about him getting dusty. i am already charging him up with mental tulpa-type energies so i don't want him to get upset about getting dusty and murk me chucky-style. amarant is in the box too but i'm not concerned about him

now that i've experimented enough with the PARAGRAPH feature, let's try talking about an album i listened to yesterday afternoon.

Jabu - Sweet Company

album cover for Jabu - Sweet Company

this is a great album cover. i love the font with which "SWEET COMPANY" is spelled, especially.

i listened to about 3/4 of this before i was rudely interrupted by something. i forget what exactly. but i loved what i heard! such great, soft r&b (?), dub, shoegaze (is clearly reading off the album tags), electronic, sounds.

i especially loved the second track, slow down ft. daniella dyson.

i gave it a FOUR STARS on rate your music. but that's just provisional. and probably a bit wrongheaded of me to score something before i'm done listening to it. but such is the way. what are you gonna do about it, eh, pipsqueak?

. . . i'm not gonna link my RYM here. nope, not ever. maybe someday. but not today. yeeowch!

here's today's musical journal entry. i sampled slow down and various native bitwig studio samples. very soft!

ok, signing off. TTYL