0342 PM -> sitting in bedroom, looking out window, sun is dappling the leaves.

i'm not thinking about very much at all, but i feel compelled to post a little more. there'll probably be an evening post too.

i'm twiddling my feet -> i don't know if anyone else does this. my feet are sort of pretzeled around each other and i'm rubbing them together, sort of like how you would rub a worry stone.

i'm sure someone else does that.

so, it's my fourth post here, but i'm already feeling the pressure -> mostly because i showed the blog to my boyfriend, and, hmm, it's not like i expect him to be checking this website constantly, but i do subconsciously feel an eye trained on me now as i type into the neocities coding portal.

i really shouldn't take myself so seriously!

i guess the other thing i'm thinking about is -

what in the hell do you write a blog about

how does this work? i think i had an idea at the beginning of the day, but i've went and gotten myself confused.

i'm going to try and take it as it comes, and open up neocities whenever i feel the mood to exist and express myself.

--hah, i just felt future me cringe a little. have fun reading this, champ! try not to talk about anything weird on here.

that's another thing--how personal do i go? i don't want to, like, make this a diary? but that's kind of what a blog is, huh--

see, i'm thinking about, like, gender and sexual shit right now, and i'm on the verge of hornyposting, because--well, it's my blog!

but someone could definitely find this. i'd better keep it on the low, or at least discuss my feelings tastefully.

. . .

like i said, i'll take it as it comes!

lol, this blog is a mess. but that's kind of the appeal! people used to express themselves a lot more online. i'll do my best to do.

i'll leave a cool gif down here, so your time hasn't been entirely wasted if you've read all the way down this meanderance. shablam!

gif of a candle that has been crushed in gifkr.

i made this gif myself--or,rather, tweaked it myself using GIFKR2. i made it to promote my september LP, "candle music" (you can find a link to buy/listen over in the music tab.)

alrighty, take care of yourself. max OUT