observations 0736 PM

a mysterious hacker!

(satoko voice) ohohoho! look at this! he emailed his child a wall street journal article . . . this is pretty damning!

i've got a couple of songs on rotation that i'm a little embarrassed to enjoy.

Jack Harlow - GHOST

this is so lame.

The Kid LAROI - Diva

whats up with these boys in beanies and overalls lately. super ugly fit

this isn't a song i'm bumping or anything, it just annoys me:

Dorian Electra - F the World

woahhh starbucks.. wohh


i think i'm gonna have a good night. planning on playing either shibuya scramble or IWAIHIME. both seem very promising. shibuya scramble takes up a SHIT ton of space so, so perhaps i'll do that first. also i'm gonna finish up a tone glow blurb, but that shouldn't take long. i'm basically done with it. i'm writing about The The. give it up for The The everybody. they're gonna play us out tonight.

. . . and GOOOOOOD NIGHT!!!!!