hellauxxxxxxxx, droogies

i debated for a bit whether or not to journal today, but i'm glad i held myself to it. i always end up producing something i like!

today's journal entry is sourced mainly from the new single "Foghorn" by PUZZLE (one of the shears twins [fletcher] who run the garden--great lads, those)

isn't he handsome! however, my boyfriend remarked that he looks like jacob collier in the thumbnail, which has killed fletcher's handsomeness a little bit for me. oh well

see if you can track which exact six seconds (or so) or the song i snippeted! there are also a few flavor sounds culled from a pack of squeaky chair samples i have (shoutout dave40 - i miss your website every day)

oh yeah, i have to post the track for you to be able to listen. here we are:


in other news . . .

poor alaphilippe celebrates too early

cycling fans will get why this is funny.


max OUT!