hmmm, what an uneventful day!

this post should be interesting, since it's the first time i'll be writing on this blog outside of Weekend Mode. i spent all day at my 9-5 doing things i wasn't interested in!

hold on a second. i just put on some music you might be interested in. let's catalog this.

Olson - The Holy Face of Luca

i kind of hate when people upload art to their bandcamp releases that isn't square cropped. what's the point of that?

this is a nice EP-type release of breaks & techno-y stuff that i encountered while trawling around bandcamp's new releases section. i bought it, but i can't quite remember why -> i will usually try to spend money on anything i find on bandcamp that is intriguing or at least a little cool to me, because i enjoy supporting artists when i can. so, i guess i thought something about this was cool when i first discovered it. i don't consider that a waste of money or anything just because the tunes aren't quite clicking now. maybe my purchase made olson's day! it's the little stuff like this that can keep an artist invested in the process.

^hm, this is self-aggrandizing. anyways. cool release. worth a listen!

journal: pre-assembly

journal: post-assembly

let me extoll the virtues of soundhack pitchdelay for a sec.

ahhh, such nostalgic vst interface design . . .

oh, i actually don't have much to say about it. it's just a very good, very versatile plugin if you're someone who works a lot with samples. you can carve them into unrecognizable shapes pretty quickly once you get a handle on what the different knobs change. i've been studying its applications for probably more than 1 1/2 years at this point, and i'm still not a master, unfortunately. but, pitchdelay is an integral component of EVERY release i have made as secat (those are over here, by the wayyyyy~).

anyway here is the journal entry for today.


ok, i gotta call it here, droogies. it's been a strange, dissatisfying day - hope this post finds you, dear hypothetical reader, in a better mood than me right now. swish swosh,

max outtttttt